Your Greatest Asset

May 2, 2024
In October 2021, my ex-spouse hired private investigators to follow me, and they photographed me drinking alcohol while I was with my kids. While the level of alcohol was never a dangerous level (according to family court), it spurred a 1.5-year-long legal battle, with my ex trying to have my parental rights restricted. I started using Soberlink in October of 2021, and finished using it at the end of '23. We had a Family Law trial in April of '23, and the judge congratulated me on over 500 compliant Soberlink tests. In all, I have 854 compliant tests with Soberlink. The false accusations from my ex-spouse have been undoubtedly proven false by using this device. Not only that, my custody time with my children was expanded, not reduced or removed. A Family Court Mediator who was also a Criminal Court Judge said that people can beat alcohol assessments and tests, but Soberlink doesn't lie. If there is a problem, it will make you and the court aware of it, and if there isn't, it will serve as your greatest asset in a custody situation.

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