Repertoire of Tools

November 28, 2022
I got Soberlink after a relapse, which followed a four-month rehabilitation program. I had finished the program and moved back to my home in Montana. After a few days, not even weeks, I was drinking again. My dad flew out (again) and got me through the DTs, and as part of an agreement so that I could stay in Montana, we started Soberlink. At first, I was not so sure, but I have to say it was such an amazing tool to add to the repertoire of tools available to me to combat my disease. In and of itself, no, Soberlink may not have kept me sober, but combined with an active recovery program, it really made a difference. The real-time accountability it offers is fantastic. I ended up using it for nearly two years, and I have to say my family and I were so happy we chose to use it.

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