Newfound Reliability

June 20, 2024
My journey towards rebuilding trust with my ex-wife, and gaining half custody of our daughter was guided by the diligent use of the Soberlink Device. Each day, I had to embrace the accountability it provided, ensuring transparency in my commitment to sobriety. Soberlink has been my savior in consistently demonstrating my dedication to maintaining a sober lifestyle. Through the Soberlink reports, I gradually earned my Ex-Wife's trust back. The device became a tangible symbol of his transformation, a tool that not only facilitated open communication but also served as evidence of my newfound reliability. With her growing confidence in my ability to prioritize our daughter's well-being, I was able to negotiate for increased custody, ultimately reestablishing my role as a loving and responsible father in our daughter's life. I think this device and the program's that the staff help you develop are instrumental to sober success and they make you feel safe and not be intimidated by a testing program.

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