Never Too Late

March 18, 2024
I want to share my success story for all of the people like myself who struggle with addiction. During Covid, I relapsed after 5 years of sobriety. I lost my job, and our family pet passed away. I was commiserating with a toxic friend who was going through a divorce, and together we began drinking to numb our pain. I started to black out, and I was unable to care for our 2 kids. When my youngest son confronted me about my drinking, I knew it was time to address my trauma and addiction. I went to treatment for 4 months and did a lot of work to heal myself. I was transparent and honest with my team and my family. I put the past behind me and began moving forward again. It was hard work but really worth it. When I left treatment, I used Soberlink 3 times a day for a year as a tool in my recovery. I was committed to doing everything I could to make sure I didn't relapse. Soberlink was a great preventative resource for me. I am so glad this technology exists. It works! I have been sober for over a year now, and I'm back to working and enjoying my family. It's never too late to regain your life!

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