Finding Liberation

August 7, 2023
I had seen a friend voluntarily use Soberlink in a custody agreement. I personally had battled to get sober and stay sober for over four years. Despite my reckless behavior and drunk driving, I had not been caught or experienced consequences. My relationships were falling apart, though. My life was in shambles. I decided to order a Soberlink Device. I set my own consequences with my accountability contacts. Just knowing there would now be consequences to my actions was life-changing. I could no longer be a "functioning alcoholic" that was, so far, flying under the radar. I am testing 3x daily. The mental agony of fighting the urge to drink is gone. I simply cannot. I feel back in control of my life!! It's liberating!! The money invested in sobriety is always well-spent. I share my story with everyone.

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