A Nice Reminder

April 24, 2024
I have been in recovery since March 2021. Up until then, I had done several programs to help me through my sobriety journey. I would relapse each time I felt overwhelmed, causing me to continuously feel defeated. I didn't know what else could help. Through my work, I was managing a court case where one of my clients had to do facial recognition breathalyzer tests each day. I began to wonder how I could hold myself accountable each day, so I Google searched such a device and found Soberlink. I signed up right away. It has been so beneficial to hold myself accountable each day, and it is a nice reminder to help me get through my recovery. I'm coming up on one year sober with the help of Soberlink. I highly recommend the system for your own accountability if you struggle with relapse. It has just been an excellent added resource.

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