Sober Celebrities in 2020
Sober Celebrities in 2020
September 28, 2021
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By SoberinfoIt’s easy to think celebrities have it made. Millions of adoring fans, an almost endless supply of money, access to anything they could want. What more could you ask for?There’s more than meets the eye for many of Hollywood’s stars, though, and they’re starting to share their stories. Alcohol, drugs, and other substances plague the scene behind closed doors. In the wake of this overwhelming year, numerous celebs are expressing gratitude for their sobriety journeys.From the decades of sobriety behind stars like Elton John, to the one-year anniversary of Heather Locklear, to the brave admittance of relapses from Dax Shepard and Miley Cyrus, their candidness and honesty about their struggles gives people the courage to share their stories, too.Attitudes toward people in recovery seem to be shifting and celebrities are very likely helping that happen. The celebrities below are some of the many who are open about their past battles with substance abuse and their paths of recovery today.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus underwent an invasive vocal cord surgery in November of last year which inadvertently forced her into sobriety. Though she hadn’t originally planned on leaving substances behind, she confirmed her six months of sobriety in June. Substance abuse and mental health issues that plague her family history were part of her decision to stick with it.She also admitted recently that she had a slip with her sobriety during the pandemic. The pressures got to her and she briefly turned back to substances for a time. Cyrus shared about her slip in an interview with Apple Music, letting fans know that she is back on the wagon.

Elton John

Elton John’s struggle with substances is no secret. Last year’s biopic “Rocketman” gave audiences a gut-wrenching look into his alcohol and drug addiction. He admitted he’d be dead if he hadn’t gotten sober after celebrating an incredible 30 years in July. His gratitude for his sobriety extends to all those who inspired and supported him along the way over the years.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson released a memoir earlier this year in which she detailed the moment she finally hit rock bottom. After a heartbreaking blackout on Halloween night in 2017, Simpson decided she needed to do something about her drinking. She stopped using alcohol and pills the day after and has worked to protect her sobriety ever since. Simpson looks to her husband, Eric Johnson, and her three children as sources of inspiration and support.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt gave a nod to his fellow actor Bradley Cooper for the star’s role in his own sobriety. When Cooper presented Pitt with an award for best supporting actor at an awards gala this past January, Pitt declared, “I got sober because of this guy and every day has been happier ever since.”Pitt first opened up about his problems with alcohol in an interview in May 2017. He admits he had to make a change because his drinking had gotten out of control and he didn’t “want to live that way anymore.”

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan shared about his decision to participate in “Sober October,” a month-long alcohol abstinence challenge similar to “Dry January.” He doesn’t maintain sobriety throughout the year but finds the annual reset a great way to reset and reconnect with himself. It’s not the first time he’s participated in the challenge, either; Rogan has partaken in short-term sobriety stints for the past two years as well.

Tim Allen

Tim Allen is no stranger to the struggles of alcohol and substance abuse. The comedian credits stand-up for saving him after doing time in federal prison for possession of cocaine, a DUI arrest, and stay in rehab. He faced the fact that he needed to make some changes and now has 22 years alcohol- and drug-free.

Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear let the world know about her sobriety in March of this year. She celebrated a year of sobriety after an alarming two-year period of hospitalizations, lawsuits, and rehabs. Locklear shared her monumental achievement on Instagram alongside a quote from Maya Angelou on life and living.

Dax Shepard

Dax Shepard has never been shy about sharing his sobriety journey with the public. He had 16 years alcohol- and drug-free before admitting to relapsing on prescription pills following a surgical procedure in August. His wife, Kristen Bell, spoke out in support of her husband of 7 years. She confirmed her plans to stand by him after he got honest, apologized, and recommmitted to his sobriety.

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