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Luann De Lesseps Opens Up About Her Sobriety
Luann De Lesseps Opens Up About Her Sobriety
December 14, 2021
Celebrity Stories

By Maria Scinto

Original Source: thelist.com

2021 has been quite the year for going dry, or at least for exploring a less alcohol-dependent lifestyle. For years –- centuries –- millennia, even –- our concept of merriment inevitably included alcohol, but since time immemorial, going one sip over the line has  often led to a world of trouble and heartbreak. At long last, a number of celebrities are speaking up about all of the problems alcohol has caused in their lives and sharing their struggles as they try to lessen their dependence on this "adult beverage" that so often leads to some very un-adult behavior.

Chrissy Teigen has been one of the most prominent of the newly-sober celebs, but Us Weekly reveals that Adele has also given up drinking and country music star Margo Price has decided to extend her Dry January throughout the year. 

Yet another newly-sober celeb is Luann de Lesseps...click here to continue reading

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Celebrity Stories

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