Long Term Sobriety Path
Long Term Sobriety Path
September 28, 2021

Before Soberlink, I found myself continually lying about my drinking. I'm not a liar by nature, but with this disease lying about alcohol use became easier and easier. Before beginning my recovery, when asked how many drinks I had, I would automatically always say just 2, though I really had 10. After admitting the problem and wanting to stop drinking, the lying continued. When asked if I drank, the answer was always a quick NO, though I had just snuck a shot. I thought I could get away with drinking and keep it my little secret. My loved ones had to wonder if I was drinking, or would ask, and then again, the lie.

With Soberlink, my sobriety is documented and I finally have the accountability I need to keep me sober. My loved ones no longer have to ask the question. I no longer have the ability to lie or a reason to be defensive… It's all documented. I have "slipped" a few times, but those events have been caught quickly and I can get right back on my long term sobriety path. Thank you Soberlink. Because of this amazing piece of technology, I still have my family, friends and my dignity.


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