Constant Accountability
Constant Accountability
September 28, 2021

Soberlink has made all the difference for me. I began using Soberlink 8 months ago and have been sober ever since. I have struggled with alcoholism for 10 years. It cost me nearly everything. I am a physician and had my medical license suspended due to my drinking. I suffered a divorce, and many other consequences. I have wanted to quit for a long time and have tried everything. I went through numerous rehab programs including one that was a year long away from home. I have done counseling and AA. All these things seem to help me for a while, but I always returned to drinking after various periods of time. While in treatment programs I would do very well, but after returning to life on my own I would fail yet again. I always had the thoughts that I could have "a little" and everything would be fine. Finally, last December my medical board advocate suggested I try Soberlink to help me document sobriety in order to have my license reinstated. Soberlink has been the constant, 24/7, accountability that I needed. Constant accountability has been the missing piece to keeping me sober and Soberlink has given me that where no one or nothing else could do that consistently. I am forever grateful! I would definitely recommend Soberlink. In fact, I now always recommend it to others who struggle with drinking the way I have. Those who are working a recovery program, but have difficulty with reliable constant accountability. I always knew I could call others for help in those times, but had trouble picking up the phone. Soberlink provides me that accountability that I just couldn't seek out through recovery on my own.

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