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Jessica Simpson Releases New Song Cover That She Says ‘Healed’ Her
Jessica Simpson Releases New Song Cover That She Says ‘Healed’ Her
December 7, 2021
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"This song healed a broken piece of me."

By Carolyn L. Todd

Original Source: self.com

Jessica Simpson is a firm believer in the healing power of music. This week, the singer, who celebrated four years of sobriety earlier this month, released her own cover version of a song that helped her get through a difficult period in her life, “Particles” by Nothing But Thieves.

The powerful and emotional track, which was originally recorded on the British rock group's 2017 album Broken Machine, touches on themes of addiction like self-medicating, self-destruction, not feeling like yourself, and strain on relationships. For Simpson, who wrote about struggling with her mental health and numbing her pain with alcohol and stimulants in her 2020 memoir Open Book, the song resonated so much that it felt therapeutic. “The whole idea of music heals is a very real statement to me," Simpson wrote in the...click here to continue reading

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Celebrity Stories

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