Demi Lovato: Her Recovery Journey From Hopeless to Host
Demi Lovato: Her Recovery Journey From Hopeless to Host
September 28, 2021
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By SoberinfoDemi Lovato has been a champion of the celebrity recovery movement since she was a teenager. Over the past decade, she’s experienced a very public battle with mental health and substance abuse. She’s a beautiful example of the power of recovery.Lovato’s presence is in high demand today, even during the pandemic. She served as the host at the E! People’s Choice Awards on Sunday, November 15th. Lovato also made two awards show appearances last month: first at the Billboard Music Awards and then the Country Music Television Awards the following week.Demi Lovato has continued to take the stage regularly throughout this year. She performed the National Anthem at the Super Bowl in February, a coveted job for any modern-day singer. Last month she met up with Marshmello, the DJ, to perform their song “OK Not to Be OK” as part of the Save Our Stages Fundraiser.Throughout her journey she’s been adamant about sharing her story with the world. What has Demi’s recovery journey looked like over the past few years?

Bringing the World Along For Her Journey

Lovato is no stranger to the limelight. She got her big break at 15 when she started starring in various roles on the Disney Channel. It wasn’t long after when she entered her first treatment center at the age of 18, something that people in the industry are no stranger to.She openly shared her struggles with bulimia, bipolar disorder, and drug and alcohol addiction with the world. Her first stint of sobriety started at 19 and she stayed clean and sober for the following six years. Lovato brought the world along on her recovery journey, from writing articles to appearing in documentaries to singing about it in her music.Unfortunately, Lovato slipped back into drinking and using drugs during a brief relapse in early 2018. It didn’t take long for her alcohol and drug use to go too far, though. She was hospitalized for an overdose within 3 months of relapsing. She took full responsibility just like she did six years prior and quickly made it back into recovery.Lovato is grateful to say that she’s stayed sober since then. She remains a modern-day hero for the celebrity shift towards honesty about mental health and substance abuse. Bravely sharing her inspirational journey with the world empowers others to come forward about their struggles.

Overcoming a Broken Engagement

At the start of the summer, she shared about her new relationship with actor Max Ehrich. The two had a passionate start to their relationship and announced their engagement four months later. The pair fizzled out almost as quickly as they started and the two called it quits at the beginning of September.Learning to make it through heartbreak while staying sober is one of the many difficulties people in recovery face. Those struggling with addiction often turn to drugs and alcohol to mask the pain of difficult emotions. Breakups are charged with heavy emotional tolls and it’s challenging to work through them whether one is in recovery or not. Once again, Demi has shown her strength of character and continual determination to remain sober while going through challenging times.Lovato released a gut-wrenching ballad at the end of September about the breakup. She’s turning to music instead of substances to release her emotions, explaining in a simple, straightforward statement: “Music is always there for me.”

Powering Through as a Shining Light in Sobriety

Life throws curveballs at everyone but they can feel heavier when living life sober. One slip can lead to disastrous consequences, just like Lovato experienced in 2018.Lovato is a living example of learning to work with the curveballs as they come, one day at a time. The road isn’t smooth or perfect; it’s dotted with potholes along the way. Building a recovery support system is vital for those trying to stay sober. Sobriety tools like Soberlink alcohol monitoring technology help you stay on track when the times get tough.Demi Lovato is a shining light of sobriety for those still stuck in the darkness of addiction. If you’re battling with alcohol or drug abuse, you’re not alone. It’s not easy to stop using substances but you can learn to stay sober and live your best life.

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