What's in My Sobriety Toolbox?
What's in My Sobriety Toolbox?
April 11, 2022

By Suzanne

Original Source: mykindofsweet.com

Let’s face it: we living in a drinking culture. Whether we’re sad, depressed, happy, anxious, celebrating or commiserating, alcohol is usually invited.

When I quit drinking in January 2020, I had to rethink all of that.

Why had I turned to wine for comfort? For celebration? What had been the result almost every time?

When I had a glass or three of red wine because I was sad or anxious, while it may have helped for about 20 minutes, I almost always ended up feeling worse and more anxious in the long run. My anxiety increased and the feelings of shame I felt about drinking overshadowed everything. Not to mention...click here to continue reading

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