Understanding Dependence Versus Addiction
Understanding Dependence Versus Addiction
September 28, 2021

By The Fix StaffOriginal Source: thefix.com

Opioid dependence and opioid addiction are closely related, but two distinct conditions.

Opioids are powerful substances, whether they’re being used in a medically-sanctioned way or abused. Any opioid is likely to have an impact on your health and wellness, but how that plays out will vary greatly. Most people who use opioids regularly will experience some level of physical dependence, and others will develop opioid addiction.Understanding the difference between physical dependence and opioid addiction can help you find the treatment that you need.

What is opioid dependence?

To understand physical dependence, you need to understand a bit about how opioids work in the body. Opioids attach to opioid receptors. Normally, these receptors can...click here to continue reading

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