The Scream of Alcohol. The Whisper of Sobriety.
The Scream of Alcohol. The Whisper of Sobriety.
December 10, 2021
A life without alcohol still sparkles.

By Sonia Kahlon

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I liked who I was when I was drinking. I was fun loving, wild, and irreverent. I said and did things that I would never have done if I were sober. Drinking dismantled my perceived shortcomings and low self esteem. It made me bold and courageous.

When the alcohol hit my system, everything would become suffused with a golden yellow glow. Every idea, every person, and even I, myself, would be bathed in this light. My breath would start to slow, any problems seemed manageable, and my life’s possibilities seemed endless. The world around me sparkled.

Alcohol opened my mind. It would allow my attention to wander to things I might have otherwise missed. I would have what I thought were great ideas that I thought I would not hesitate to follow through with. However, the next here to continue reading

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