The Long-Term Health Effects Of Alcoholism
The Long-Term Health Effects Of Alcoholism
September 28, 2021

Original Source: viralrang.comEnjoying a beer or glass of wine in the evenings or on the weekend with friends or family is socially acceptable. However, when it moves beyond one or two drinks a night or starts interfering with everyday life, it enters the realm of a substance use disorder and becomes a problem.

What are some of the long-term health effects of alcoholism, and how can people seek help for a drinking problem?

Diminished Gray and White Matter in the Brain

Heavy drinking can be dangerous for several different reasons. One study that followed young adults with a history of heavy drinking over a decade found that this sort of consumption leads to diminished gray and white matter in the brain. In addition to physically damaging the brain, this loss of tissue can lead here to continue reading

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