My Sobriety Isn't A Trend Or A Monthly Challenge
My Sobriety Isn't A Trend Or A Monthly Challenge
January 18, 2022

How to celebrate Dry January while being mindful of sober people in recovery, like me.

By Tawny Lara

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I never thought I’d live in a time where sobriety is considered cool. Social media has a sea of sober influencers. The non-alcoholic drink scene is thriving. Even Big Alcohol is releasing alcohol-free products.

And 6.5 million people participated in Dry January in 2021. The rising popularity of Dry January and Sober October paired with folks posting photos of going #boozefree helps destigmatize substance use disorder and the reality of cutting back on binge drinking.

Like those 6.5 million folks trying Dry January this year, my own sobriety also began as a challenge. And while I’m grateful here to continue reading

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