How To Talk To Someone With A Substance Abuse Problem
How To Talk To Someone With A Substance Abuse Problem
September 28, 2021

By Sam BlumOriginal Source: lifehacker.comAmid all the justifiable clamor online surrounding COVID-19, the flailing economy, and our generally uncertain global future, a TV show about drug addiction and teenagers is managing to cut through the noise. Sunday’s first special episode of HBO’s Euphoria defied its own conventions as a racy show about chaotic lives, by centering the episode on a wide-ranging conversation about drug addiction between the main character Rue (Zendaya) and her sponsor, Ali (Colman Domingo).

To call the conversation—and the episode—engrossing is an understatement. Television rarely provides an example to live by when it comes to public and personal health issues like addiction, but Euphoria illustrated the complexities of tackling this issue with a friend or loved one. Any conversation about addiction will invariably lead you down different paths with different people, but there are a few general principles to abide by when considering that difficult here to continue reading

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