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Hi, My Name Is Anne, And I'm An Alcoholic
Hi, My Name Is Anne, And I'm An Alcoholic
July 18, 2019

By Anne Sheehan

Original Source: elitefts.com

“Hi. My name is Annie, and I am an alcoholic.” These words were one of the heaviest weights I’ve ever had to lift.Think back to when you were a kid and full of innocence. Unaware even of the hostile environment that might be surrounding you. I played with my dolls a lot. I remember always fantasizing I was a grown-up. There were a lot of things that I had on my ideal adult life list, and I promise you, being an alcoholic was not one of them. When I was a sweet little Catholic schoolgirl, I didn’t think one day that I’d be sitting in a roomful of strangers telling all of them that I am an alcoholic.

15 million adults ages 18 and older have Alcohol Use Disorder. Only 6.4 percent will receive treatment for AUD.

The bottom you have to hit to get you there hurts pretty bad for most. Some people have to lose everything. Some come close to death. Some they get sick of being sick and tired. For me, it was a weekend in jail. Not my first time, either, but...click here to continue reading

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