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Am I An Alcoholic? Test For Diagnosis
Am I An Alcoholic? Test For Diagnosis
January 10, 2022

Learn about alcoholism and how to know if you are struggling with alcohol abuse through this article.

Original Source: brookshealingcenter.com

Signs of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)

To determine whether you are an alcoholic, there are several factors and symptoms to consider. Typically, being unable to stop the consumption of alcohol is a clear sign of alcoholism. However, alcohol addiction signs may not always be obvious, so looking out for the symptoms is crucial to determine if you or someone close to you is struggling with alcoholism.

The signs of alcohol use disorder can vary from person to person, but several factors can help one pinpoint whether they are dealing with this disorder. Alcohol use disorder is often identified by seeing if a person has moderate to severe issues with binge drinking or...click here to continue reading

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