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7 Most Brutally Honest Films About Addiction
7 Most Brutally Honest Films About Addiction
January 24, 2022

Movies focusing on addiction are important, but can be hard to watch. Let's look at the most brutally honest depictions of addiction in films.

By Jonny Hoffman

Original Source: movieweb.com

Drug and alcohol addiction is a topic that has been explored in cinema for decades. It is a sensitive subject that must be handled with care to depict the brutal truths about addiction. These films can be hard to watch due to the physical and emotional agony that the characters go through. Many films, such as Beautiful Boy, starring Timothee Chalamet, are based on true memoirs from those who struggled with addiction. Other films may be pure fiction, but honestly portray the suffering that one goes through while suffering from substance abuse. Regardless, it is important to see the struggles that people face through substance abuse and it creates good, thought-provoking cinema.

Many times, actors will use their own experiences to create an honest performance in a movie about addiction. Ben Affleck used his personal struggles with alcohol to portray a suffering alcoholic in The Way Back. It takes hard work and emotional range to portray someone facing addiction on camera. Many times, we will watch a journey through addiction that ends with recovery. In other cases, there is no happy ending to the film, and the characters are either destroyed or right back to where they started. Unfortunately, not everyone can overcome addiction, so the films have to be honest to that truth. After some tough cuts, let's take a look at the most brutally honest films depicting addiction, ranked...click here to continue reading

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