5 Ways Soberlink Will Positively Impact Your Recovery Journey
5 Ways Soberlink Will Positively Impact Your Recovery Journey
October 26, 2019

By Soberlink

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Whether you are newly sober or have years of sobriety under your belt, Soberlink can make a positive impact on your recovery journey. Combining a breathalyzer with a cloud-based system Soberlink offers a variety of features specifically designed to promote accountability for sobriety and long-term recovery. Here are a five ways Soberlink supports lasting sobriety through state-of-the-art alcohol monitoring.

1. Soberlink Supports Positive Outcomes Through Long-Term Monitoring

“I have been sober over 2 years and still use Soberlink once a day, every night. It has been a helpful tool in keeping me sober and I just signed up with my monitor to use Soberlink for another year.”

Over the last 40 years, there has been a shift in perception around addiction treatment. Known as the New Paradigm for Recovery, this treatment strategy likens addiction to a chronic disease that is best managed through long-term monitoring. Over the decades...click here to continue reading

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