Woman Who Beat Drug Addiction ‘Blossomed Into Beautiful Leader’


By Anne Marie Tiernon

Original Source: wthr.com

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – A mother beat the odds, beating drug addiction, and now manages a business. With each purchase, her customers invest in the work of women in recovery.

This is the busy season in the candle business.

“We are in 11 retailers throughout central Indiana,” said O’Nealya Grounstal. Harvest and Holiday Blends are top sellers at Restored Creations.

Tanya Paschal is running production at the south side candle factory.

“I am completely stretched way outside my comfort zone,” Paschal said. “I’m learning to do the spreadsheets and inventory and making invoices on our internet store.”

“She has blossomed into this beautiful leader,” Grounstal told us.

Just a year and a half ago, Paschal knew nothing about manufacturing, inventory management or customer sales.

She was, however, well-schooled in heroin and its…click here to continue reading