When I Was Struggling To Get Sober, This Is How My Sister Showed Her Unwavering Love


By Suzanne Hayes Pop Sugar

Original Source: yahoo.com

It seems like sobriety is everywhere – but never easy to come by. As I learned the hard way, sobriety is preceded by years of physical and emotional pain and many, many failed attempts at actually staying sober. Detoxes, rehabs, remorse, regret, shame, and guilt all pave the road to sobriety. Family members, parents, children, siblings, and lovers suffered years of heartbreak at the alcoholic’s hands, at my hands, all while wondering, “When will enough be enough?”

I tried sobriety many times. I suffered through withdrawals at home and in detox units. I dried out. I went to out-patient programs and in-patient rehabs. I’d stop drinking for a few weeks; a month here and there. I swore I wouldn’t drink again. “I am done this time,” I told everyone. I meant it. But I drank again. And again…click here to continue reading