What’s The Difference Between Being an Alcoholic and Just Really, Really Liking to Drink?


Why I decided to give up drinking, even though I never considered myself an alcoholic.

By Elizabeth Millard

Original Source: self.com

On my last milestone birthday, my best friend announced triumphantly that she had created a cake that captured my personality so perfectly that anyone seeing it would instantly know I was the one being celebrated. With a flourish, she handed me a glass of champagne and presented the cake. It was decorated like a bottle of gin.

“It’s wonderful,” I said, trying to sound grateful. Yet something sharp and rusty poked through my tone. “But I’m more than that, right?”

She laughed and refilled my glass, because, of course, I’d emptied it in seconds. “I guess,” she replied. “You have to admit, though, sweetie…drinking is your thing.”

That was the day I realized something I had never admitted to myself. I went back through my photos and calendar from the previous year. Prosecco on the deck, craft beer festivals, yoga and wine class, Scotch tasting courses, happy hour with work pals, sangria with family, Prohibition cocktail parties—event after event with glasses…click here to continue reading