Father Uses Blog To Share Story Of Addiction


Advocate For Recovery

Original Source: lex18.com

VERSAILLES, Ky (LEX 18) – The powerful grip of drugs can be relentless. A father from Versailles knows the struggle all too well and shared his story of trial and triumph with LEX 18. Although his work has saved many people, he tells LEX 18 that there was one person he was unable to reach in time and that it drives him to work even harder.


“What’s your obituary going to say? What would they say at your funeral?” Andrew Hager poses that question on his blog. He said it is a question he often asked himself during the most difficult days.

“I was always under the influence, even without dope, even without putting a drug or alcohol in my body I was under the influence because I would obsess,” he said.

Hager is nearly four years sober now and is…click here to continue reading