Using Remote Alcohol Monitoring After Treatment


By Kristina Kiik

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Maintaining sobriety at a residential treatment facility is vastly different than staying sober at home.  At treatment, there is no access to addictive substances, the patient receives regular counseling, and the stresses and triggers of family and work are removed.  This allows the person struggling with alcoholism time to focus on physical and mental health issues and to prepare to return back home to a new normal of sober living.

But the transition from inpatient to outpatient treatment can be tricky, and the real work toward maintaining sobriety begins in developing an aftercare program.  Alcoholism – or alcohol use disorder – is classified as a chronic disease, meaning there is no cure, and it requires ongoing care.  What that ongoing care looks like will be different for every person, but there is one foundational element that best supports relapse prevention: rebuilding trust. And this is where Soberlink can…click here to continue reading