What ‘This Is Us’ Gets Right About the Damage Addiction Can Do to a Marriage


By Julie Scagell

Original Source: babble.com

Editor’s Note: This post contains spoilers from the season 2 premiere of This Is Us.

Being married requires a ton of effort. You walk down the aisle and commit yourself to someone for the rest of your life, assuming everything will feel like it does at that very moment. It’s impossible to grasp just how many times you will be asked to bend without breaking, when you hear the words “for better or worse.” But when one of you develops an addiction, it can test your relationship down to its core, and leave you questioning whether you can live in the “worse” every single day.

Watching the season premiere of This Is Us last night brought me back to a place I hadn’t revisited in a long, long time. Because while Jack’s drinking problem was weaved throughout the first season, Season 2 looks to be hitting it head on. And as I watched the pain it was causing in his marriage to Rebecca, I couldn’t help but have flashbacks…click here to continue reading