Toxic Myths About Alcohol Use Disorder: Understanding The Disease To Provide Better Support


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Even though we have more access to information regarding Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) than ever before, there are still many misconceptions surrounding the disease. Over-generalizations and assumptions can be toxic roadblocks that prevent those who struggle with overusing alcohol from getting the help they need.

Leslie Martin is a licensed clinical social worker who serves clients with addictions in her private practice. She explains how mislabeling and “[Seeing] the disease as an all or nothing dichotomy [is a]challenge that prevents people from being able to seek care.”

TOXIC MYTH #1: Alcoholism Is A Clear Cut, Easily Defined Disease

Insensitive terms like “alcoholic” or “alcoholism” fail to acknowledge Alcohol Use Disorder as the gradual disease that it often is. Martin says…click here to continue reading