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Tom Hanks son Chet Hanks is ready to start the New Year fresh.

Chet took to Instagram on Thursday night to pen an emotional message reflecting on his impactful year and revealing his positive hopes for 2016.

“This is the first New Years of my life where I actually feel a huge change from the end of one year to the beginning of a new,” he wrote. “But something about 2016 feels significant to me.”

Chet, 25, came clean about his struggles with addiction earlier this year, admitting that he went to rehab over the summer.

Now, with a new year ahead of him, Chet is ready to let go of his past and embrace the future ahead by practicing the lessons he learned in treatment to live a sober life.

“I am so ready to let 2015 go,” he continued. “Along with all the bad habits, selfish behaviors, poor choices, draining relationships, sketchy situations, lack of faith, self-doubt, and FEAR that went along with it.”

The aspiring singer rapper also said his newfound faith in God is to thank for his “clarity.”

“However, I will be giving thanks to God for the clarity He has blessed me with during this year so that I can SEE these things in order to make changes,” he wrote. “It will take incredible DISCIPLINE, on a day to day basis, but I KNOW without a doubt that if I stay focused in 2016 I Will be able to live fully as the man God intends me to be, as the best version of myself, through His Divine Grace.”

Chet also shared a sweet picture of himself with his mother, actress and singer Rita Wilson, saying that they rang in the New Year together.

“Me and my New Years kiss,” he captioned the photo of them hugging close in matching black shirts.

And Chet’s sobriety isn’t the only thing the mother-son duo have to be thankful for in the New Year. Wilson, 59, announced that she is cancer-free and “one hundred percent healthy” in December after battling breast cancer.

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