Tim McGraw Has 10 Years Of Sobriety Under His Belt Thanks To Exercise


By Kelly Burch

Original Source: thefix.com

“I felt like I had to change my life. And it wasn’t like I was out doing crazy things, it was just that I was drinking too much.”

For many years, starting before he was a country music superstar, singer Tim McGraw would drink before getting on stage in order to calm his nerves. However, 10 years after giving up alcohol, McGraw has a new, healthier way of curing the pre-show butterflies.

“The ritual now is to run,” he told People. “Me and a few of the guys in the band—I do my meet and greet and right after the meet and greet—we take off and run for 4 or 5 miles. It is literally timed so I run straight into the dressing room, get ready and hit the stage.”

The run keeps him from indulging before the show, or after….click here to continue reading