This Broadway Dancer Lost His Dream Job To Alcoholism And Addiction. Now, He’s On A Mission To Help Others


By Jennifer Stahl

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Like most dancers, once Brandon Leffler discovered dance, he went all in, leaving little time for anything besides school and the studio. “I was what anyone would call a Goody Two-shoes,” he says. “I never had a drop to drink; I never smoked.”

But when he landed his first national tour, with CATS, that started to change. “You don’t go to work until nighttime,” he explains. “Then you get out of the show and have all this adrenaline and don’t know what to do with it. So you slip into this lifestyle where you go out and party and then sleep in the next day.”

At first, it didn’t affect his work.

Leffler booked a series of high-profile jobs on Broadway in On the TownCinderella and Wicked. “As soon as I did one Broadway show, I would be feverishly working to get my next,” he says. The only thing that made him feel like a successful, productive person was booking that next Broadway gig. “It became really unhealthy.”

Leffler would unwind from the pressure by partying with his castmates at night, living a double life here to continue reading