The Secrets Of Alcoholism


The lines of a road can blur, and the exits are just suggestions.

By  Amanda Hoylman

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Until I got into the car that night, I did not know the word alcoholic. I did not know my father’s drinking was dangerous. I did not know how my world would eventually shatter.

Until I got into that car I did not know about raw, entangled emotions, that I could feel so scared, so sad, so lonely, so lost, so angry. I did not know that I could have so much to say, but no way of saying it. I did not know that I would want to yell, “STOP!” yet stay silent. I did not know that the lines of a road could blur, that the exits were just suggestions, that I could grip a car door so tightly.

 I did not know fear until that night and I still do not know how I made it back to the safety of my mother’s arms, who anxiously waited in our house for our return. My mother was strong, resilient, brave, strategic. She sheltered me as best as she could, but she could not…click here to continue reading