The Psychology Of Addictive Behaviors


By Scalar Light (Admin)

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Addiction is a serious issue facing every part of society. No group of people is immune from the dangers of addictive behavior; it affects the young and the old, the wealthy and the less wealthy. We may think of addicts who are disadvantaged, who have challenging circumstances to deal with. But there are also those who have had every advantage in life and still find themselves addicted. There is a huge stigma surrounding addiction. People who fall victim to addiction often find themselves hiding it due to shame or struggling to manage their recovery while dealing with the judgement of others. The stigma of addiction comes from the lack of understanding there is in relation to addiction issues. Understanding addiction is the key to managing it, and to creating a society where addiction is treated effectively without stigma. In order to support those within our community who are dealing with addiction, it is important we understand the psychology of addictive behaviors.

What is Addiction?