The Lizard Brain: How I Came To Learn that Addiction Is A Disease


How I learned that addiction is a disease

By Malina Saval

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In a bright, white auditorium on the rolling campus of a rehab center on the East Coast, I learned that addiction is a disease. The giant room was filled with addicts and alcoholics, including my then-husband, who’d checked in for a monthlong stay to get sober after decades of drinking and drugging. It was family week, and I’d flown in from Los Angeles, where we lived. We had a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old at the time, both of whom were born amid the chaos of a family pummeled hard by a disease in which piles of weed and whiskey highballs were as commonplace as diapers and baby food. There was no singular moment when everything imploded, but a series of events that chipped away at our collective sanity, from…click here to continue reading