Teens to bring awareness to underage drinking


TERRE HAUTE — Along with being the middle of prom season, April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Clark and Edgar County, Ill., teens will be participating in a public awareness campaign focused on reducing the access to alcohol for minors and the risks that come along with underage drinking such as car accidents, physical violence, vandalism, sexual assaults and suicide. Over the past 10 years, underage drinking has been consistently identified as the major health concern among high school students.

On March 26, the teens will place yellow hard-to-miss stickers on packaged liquor to warn buyers of the illegality of purchasing alcohol for minors, and that using a fake ID is also unlawful.

High school students, along with law enforcement, businesses and members of MAYN (Marshall Area Youth Network), CAMA (Coalition Against Methamphetamine Abuse), and the Human Resources Center are joining together for this project sponsored by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission.

The group also will visit flower and tux shops to distribute prom insert cards that remind students of the consequences of underage drinking.

For more information call Heather Pitts at (217) 465-4118 or e-mail heather.pitts@hrcec.org.