How To Talk To Your Kids About Drugs Without Sounding Like A PSA


By Terri Coles

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Just more than a decade ago, Sara Doiron experienced a parent’s worst nightmare: her 16-year-old daughter Kyla took a deadly dose of fentanyl, overdosed, and died in Whitby, Ont.

Doiron’s experience is unfortunately becoming increasingly familiar as the number of fatal opioid overdoses increases across Canada, among both habitual and recreational drug users.

“It’s so sad to watch the news today and to watch one fentanyl drug overdose after another in all parts of the world,” Doiron says.

Several people every day in Canada have died of a fentanyl overdose so far this year, and Western Canada is disproportionately affected. But other substances — including other drugs, abused prescription medications, and alcohol — can also cause problems with abuse and addiction, and early onset of substance use is a risk factor for later issues.

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