The Struggles Addicts Face During The Holiday Season, And How You Can Help


By Lindsay Dodgson

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  • Christmas can be a rough time of year for people struggling with addiction.

  • The holiday season is rife with merriment, old memories, and usually alcohol.

  • Addicts may grapple with their sobriety and be triggered by the past.

  • Here’s how you can help someone you care about through their addiction.

  • It’s also important to remember you can only do so much, and you should enlist professional help if you need it.

Christmas is just around the corner, meaning a few days of merriment and over-indulgence for many people. For others, though, it’s a tough time of year.

People struggling with addiction, for example, can face a number of hurdles, according to the American Addiction Centers’ chief medical officer Lawrence Weinstein.

“The holidays can be a challenging time for anyone, whether they suffer from addiction or not,” he told INSIDER. “Family, for example, can bring about stresses that may trigger …click here to continue reading