Steve Perry Worried About Addiction Before Quitting Journey


By  Andrew Magnotta

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While we don’t know if Steve Perry was contemplating the history of self-destructive rock stars towards the end of his time in Journey, he was at least worried about the state of his health and mental well-being.

And that was enough for him to make the biggest decision of his life: quit his dream job as the lead singer of a world-renown rock band.

Perry suggested in a new interview with Q104.3 New York’s Out of the Box with Jonathan Clarke that as his enjoyment of music began leaving him, he tried to make up for it with substance abuse.

“Back in the days, we used to sometimes party a little bit…that would fill your empty heart for a minute, and then when you came off of that, guess what? It’s worse,” he said.

Since returning from a more than 20-year hiatus and announcing a new album, Traces (due out October 5), Perry has been open about…click here to continue reading