Why Songwriter Travis Meadows Is Nashville’s Favorite Underdog


By Dan Hyman

Original Source: rollingstone.com

On new album ‘First Cigarette,’ Eric Church collaborator overcomes past tragedy – cancer, rehab – to become one of Music Row’s most vital artists.

It’s said a critical rule of recovery from addiction is learning to be self-honest. Sometimes to the point of discomfort. Travis Meadows knows this feeling well. “I’ve always struggled with fear,” says the Mississippi-raised singer-songwriter who lost his right leg to cancer at age 14; was in and out of rehab four times before finally getting sober in 2010; saw his girlfriend recently get diagnosed with breast cancer and his three-legged dog Larry, who appears on the cover of his new album, go missing. He’s one of Nashville’s most honest songwriters, “but it’s still a little terrifying when you put yourself out there,” he says. “I tell a lot of truths in my songs. I give little secrets away.”

To his most ardent fans and peers, including Eric Church, Dierks Bentley and Jake Owen, who have all cut Meadows’ songs for their respective albums, his open-book approach to his craft is his greatest gift. But Meadows lives in fear of rejection. That ever-lingering sense of distrust remains…click here to continue reading