Our friends over at Soberlink who specialize in alcohol monitoring have created a way for someone to continue their recovery process and stay connected to their accountability circle during early recovery. Soberlink is a way to monitor sobriety for long term success that is easy and discreet.

What is Soberlink?

Soberlink simplifies the alcohol monitoring process while at the same time making it more accurate and trustworthy. Soberlink’s breathalyzer captures a person’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), just like any other professional breathalyzer, but also includes facial recognition technology to ensure the proper person is submitting the test. The Soberlink System easily schedules daily testing, and sends text message reminders so the person can stay accountable to their recovery program.

How does the Share Program work?

With the help of Soberlink, people can stay connected with their counselors and recovery circle in a way that does not disrupt day-to-day life. Scheduled Soberlink tests are a great reminder of recovery and make self-reporting to loved ones no longer necessary. Upon enrollment, an easy to follow daily testing schedule is set up with 2-3 tests per day. After that, they follow these 3 simple steps:

Benefits of using Soberlink

For Participants

  • Stay connected with your recovery circle
  • Builds accountability and structure
  • Documents sobriety

For the Recovery Circle

  • Share in the recovery process
  • Helps rebuild trust
  • Peace-of-mind

Learn more about Soberlink’s Share® program