Skateboarding Out Of Addiction


Return To Childhood Passion Helps Opioid Addict On Route To Recovery

By: John Lundy

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It started with pain pills.

“I tried a couple of painkillers, because at that time I thought they were safer because they came from the doctor,” said Tyler Conley, 24.

He was sitting at a small table with his mother, Tia, at the Encounter Youth Center in downtown Duluth, where Tyler is director of the center’s skatepark. They had taken a circular route to this moment. Head of the Lakes Youth for Christ, which owns and operates the Encounter, had invited Tia to create the skate park when Tyler was 8.

“I never knew why I was led to build the skate park, which is what’s super cool,” said Tia, now a middle school English teacher in Superior. “And then here, 15 years later, it actually saved his life.”

Tyler’s story offers a snapshot of the opioid epidemic that’s…click here to continue reading