Simon Pegg: ‘I Was Lost, Unhappy And An Alcoholic’


By Tim Jonze

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The actor’s tortuous depression led him to drink, then to rehab. He opens up about self-destruction, fatherhood – and his friend Tom Cruise.

Simon Pegg has brought a bit of Hollywood with him. Not just the shades and a shiny smile, but the scorching weather, too. This setting seems apt. Pegg is here to promote his latest outing in the Mission: Impossible franchise, and – because this is the start of his promotional campaign and because he adores the fact he gets to star in Mission: Impossible films alongside Tom Cruise – he is raring to go.

“You have caught me at the best possible moment,” he says, shaking my hand and downing a coffee. “This will be the most enthusiastic, positive and interesting I will ever be. You have got the mother lode!”…click here to continue reading