Silence Around Addiction Is Deafening and It Shouldn’t Be, Kennedy Family Member Says


By Nancy Hicks

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Christopher Kennedy Lawford hasn’t kept quiet about his recovery from addiction.

He’s written eight books, including a memoir, “Symptoms of Withdrawal.” He’s given hundreds of speeches and interviews about his substance abuse — alcohol, heroin, prescription medication — and his recovery.

Lawford’s famous family names make it difficult for him to stay completely out of the limelight. His dad was actor Peter Lawford. His uncles were President John F. Kennedy and presidential hopeful Bobby Kennedy, both assassinated when he was a child, and U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy.

And the Kennedy family belief in public service gives him more leeway to use his experience to help other people, Lawford said.

But Lawford believes other people in recovery from alcoholism and addiction need to…click here to continue reading