Sesame Street Tackles Addiction With Muppet Whose Mom Is A Recovering Addict


By Leah Groth

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Meet Karli and Salia, a young muppet and 10-year-old girl whose lives have been directly impacted by addiction

For any parent who has experience with addiction – whether personally or via a close friend or loved one – broaching the topic with your children can be quite difficult. After all, drug addiction and alcoholism aren’t something most children (let alone many adults) are equipped to understand. In one of their most important segments ever, Sesame Street — who has addressed everything from autism to foster care — has managed to seamlessly tackle the topic of addiction, presenting it in an extremely relatable and digestible manner for even the youngest of kids.

That being said, get the box of Kleenex out, because this one is a tear-jerker…click here to continue reading