Sean Brock Opens Up About Rehab and Sobriety


By Erin Perkins

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Chef Sean Brock went to rehab this year, and now he’s talking about it. On July 3, The New York Times published an article detailing Brock’s journey from last man standing at the bar to sobriety and self care. After opening McCrady’s Tavern and reopening McCrady’s, he found himself in an “angry, isolated” state. In January, a group of friends presented him with a chance to go to rehab. He’s now calling this his rebirth.

When asked why he decided to come out about his experience on the front page of the Food section of the NYT, Brock says:

“I’m well aware of the dangers of opening up this early in sobriety. I’ve been warned many, many times, but the simple fact is that…click here to continue reading