Safety Net for Recovery


I started using Soberlink after I left Treatment almost 2.5 years ago. I used it as a safety net for my sobriety and also to stay accountable. I had some custody issues and I felt like this was the best way to build my “sober resume”. I also use Soberlink to give my family peace of mind. This helped me by taking away the “maybe just one drink, or I can get away with it”. I don’t have to battle my alcoholism when these random thoughts float into my head. My sobriety date is April 11th, 2014. I still use Soberlink twice a day 8pm and 8am. I like that Soberlink is flexible for what works best for me and my family. My monitor can change the times when needed, and it’s nice to have reminder texts. I know that working a recovery program is keeping me sober, but Soberlink has been a huge asset for keeping me sober and since I got sober I have now gotten full custody of my children. My family has visited me 5 times this year, and life is beautiful, I am forever grateful. If I could add one feature of Soberlink it would be to make it smaller, other than that everything seems to work well and I have always been given excellent support from the Soberlink team for any questions.

— Anonymous, Florida