Russell Brand’s Fears For Today’s Technology-Driven Teenagers


By Rod Minchin, Press Association Reporter

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The television personality and radio presenter has been drug- and alcohol-free for 14 years

Comedian Russell Brand has spoken of his fears for today’s teenagers, saying they could become as addicted to technology as he was to drugs and alcohol.

The 42-year-old, who has been drug- and alcohol-free for 14 years, spoke candidly about his views of addiction and said he was concerned about new types of addiction.

Brand, who has also been addicted to sex and food, said it was still too early to say what damage could be caused by an addiction to smartphones, social media and technology.

“I think with something like technological addiction we are not in a position to say what the results of that will be,” he said.

“Adolescents now, the access they have to pornography, the way they relate to their friends…click here to continue reading