How Remote Alcohol Monitoring Can Bolster Your Recovery


By Uma Ayer

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Remote Alcohol Monitoring

Even though alcohol use disorders (AUDs) account for nearly $120 billion per year in medical costs, there is little involvement from healthcare providers after the initial treatment stage. However, research and evidence are showing that alcohol and other substance disorders are chronic illnesses, hence requiring treatment approaches that are similar to the treatment of other chronic illnesses such as asthma, hypertension, or diabetes.

With new evidence showing the importance of continuous care and treatment approaches, remote alcohol monitoring is becoming a popular method of long-term care. Remote monitoring allows for various members of the healthcare team to monitor test results; in fact, research has shown that sharing both positive and negative test results can help clients in reinforcing their abstinence to alcohol use. This personalized form of care can raise client engagement rates and ultimately improve health outcomes in the long-term. Remote alcohol monitoring uses…click here to continue reading