Recovering Addict Finds Calling in Yoga


CEO Q&A | After recovering addict found healing in yoga, he set out to help others

By Kathy Lynn Gray

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Taylor Hunt isn’t proud of the 10 years he spent drinking, popping pills and eventually shooting heroin as a young man. But what came out of that dark period was an understanding of how to keep himself sober and how to help others in recovery through the practice of Ashtanga yoga. Now 37 years old and 12 years into his sobriety, his Trini Foundation has given 100 people in recovery scholarships for yoga classes in Ohio and around the country.

Q: How did your addiction start?

A: It started when I was a teenager living in Dublin. I was 15, and mostly I think it started because my parents got a divorce and that was a major thing. My dad went his way, and my mom went her way, and I didn’t really know how to deal with the feelings that I was experiencing during that time. I saw on movies where you drink your problems away. And I grabbed my first drink of alcohol…click here to continue reading